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What stops two people from being together? A third one. What stops one person from fighting for another? Nothing.

Pedro lives in the suburbs, where he works with his father in a garage. Everyday he takes the bus downtown where he goes to school and meets his friends. It's summertime and they all go down to the river where they spend their free time or even their school time. Among joints, motorbike riding and swimming, everything seems to go well with this group of friends, until the moment when Pedro and his best friend find out that both of them like the same girl. Pedro finds himself inside a downward spiral, where everything around him seems to fall apart. Like a magnet attracts the iron, Pedro seems to attract problems, from the school until his relationship with his parents.

This is the story of Pedro, who by having his head being pushed down so much learned how to breathe under water.



antonio ferreira

António Ferreira, born in 1970, started working as a computer programmer, a profession that he would later abandon when he left to Paris in 1991. In 1994 he started studying at the Lisbon Film University (ESTC). In 1996 he enters the Berlin Film Academy (dffb) where he studied for another two years. In 2000, António Ferreira was selected at the Cannes Film Festival with the short film "RESPIRAR (debaixo d’água)/Breathing (under water)”, winning several international prizes. One year later, he shot his first feature film "Esquece tudo o que te disse/Forget everything I've told you" which became one of the most seen films in Portugal that year. In 2007, shoots the short film “Deus Não Quis/It Wasn’t God’s Will” with which won several international film awards. In 2010, António Ferreira releases his second feature "Embargo", an adaptation from the Nobel prize winner - José Saramago. In 2011 staged its first play "The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant" from R.W. Fassbinder, for the Portuguese National Theatre D. Maria II. In 2012 directs the film "Posfácio nas confecções Canhão/Posfácio At The Clothing Factory" commissioned by Guimarães European Capital of Culture.


30 min, DIG, Portugal 2012

80 min, DIG, Portugal/Spain/Brazil 2010

15 min, 35mm, Portugal 2007

34 min, DIG, documentary, Portugal 2006

(Forget Everything That I’ve Told You)
108 min, 35mm, Portugal/France 2002

(Breathing under water)
45 min, 35mm, Portugal/Germany 2000


4 min, 35mm, Germany 1998

„Gel Fatal“

8 min, 16mm, Portugal 1996



05.2000 - Festival de Cannes – Cinefondation competition - França
03.2001 - Caminhos do Cinema Português – Coimbra - Portugal

07.2000 - Festival Internacional de Vila do Conde – Portugal
Prémio jovem cineasta
Prémio de melhor realização
"Onda Curta" – prémio especial RTP

09.2000 - XXVII Jornada internacional de Cinema da Bahia – Brasil

09.2000 - New York Int. Independent Film Festival & L.A. – USA
Alexandre Pinto – Prémio de melhor actor

10.2000 - MIFF – Film Festival Internazionale di Milano - Italia
11.2000 - 5º Festival Int. de Cine Independente de Ourense – Galiza
Prémio Melhor Filme "Eixo Atlântico"

11.2000 - Festival du Film Court de Brest – França
Prémio de Melhor Média Metragem Europeia

01.2001 - Festival Premiers Plans d'Angers - França
04.2001 - XIX Festival Cinematográfico Int. del Uruguay - Uruguay

05.2001 - 7º Fest. Ibérico de Cortometrajes Badajoz - Espanha
Prémio de Melhor Filme
Prémio de Melhor Realização
Prémio de Melhor Fotografia

02.2000 - Curtas Metragens II – Forum Lisboa – Portugal
03.2000 - Fantasporto – Portugal
04.2000 - Festival Luso-Brasileiro de Stª Mª da Feira - Portugal
05.2000 - Children & Young Film Festival Zlín – Czech Republic
07.2000 - Karlovy Vary Film Festival – Forum of Ind. – Czech Republic
09.2000 - Filmfest Hamburg – Germany
12.2000 - 6th Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – Brazil
01.2001 - 30º festival Internacional de Roterdão - Holland
02.2001 - Fest. Int. de Delhi de Curtas Metragens - India
04.2001 - 6th Int. Film Festival of Kerala - India
05.2001 - Break 21, Ljubljana - Slovenia
07.2001 - 8. OpenEyes - Marbug Film Festival - Germany
06.2000 - Curtas Metragens II (ext.) – Aveiro – Portugal
09.2000 - World Filmclub Festival in Reggio di Calbria – Italy
09.2000 - Plano XXI – Glasgow Art Fair – Scotland
11.2000 - Mostra de Cinema Português – Paris – France
02.2001 - Mostra de Cinema e Vídeo dos Países Lusófonos, Rio-Brazil
08.2001 - Mostra de Cinema Português em NY - Brooklyn Academy of Music – EUA
09.2001 - New Portuguese Culture Festival – S.Francisco – EUA
11.2002 - Festival de Cine Ibérico Americano – Huelva – Spain
11.2002 - Festibérico – Delft - Holland
10.2003 - "Dias Portugueses", Lodz - Poland
03.2004 - Mostra de Cinema Português - Echternach - Luxembourg
04.2004 - Mostra de Cinema Português - Glasgow - United Kingdom
04.2004 - Mostra de Cinema Português - Lyon - France
05.2004 - Mostra de Cinema Português - Universidade de Toronto
06.2004 - Mostra de Cinema Português - Recife - Brazil
03.2005 - Eurocine 2005 - Bogotá - Colombia
05.2006 - Mostra de Cinema Português – Hamburgo – Germany
09.2006 - Mostra de Cinema Português – Genebra, Sion – Switzerland
04.2007 - Aud. Mun. Augusto Cabrita - Barreiro
05.2007 - Aud. Álvaro Carneiro - Braga
12.2007 - Mostra de Cinema Português - London
01.2009 - Sandim em Movimento - Sandim - Portugal
03.2009 - Mostralingua - Mozambique

23.01.2012 - Cinema Nimas, Lisboa - Portugal
10-15 April 2012 - Festival de Médias-Metragens de Brive - France


PEDRO – Alexandre Pinto
ANA – Joana Costa
JOÃO – Joel Rodrigues
AMIGO – Mário Rodrigues
AMIGA – Cleia Almeida
PAI – Vitor Norte
MÃE – Ana Paula Santos
PROFESSORA – Margarida Lopes

escrito e realizado por
António Ferreira

Produced by
Dörte Schneider
António Ferreira

direcção de produção
Dörte Schneider
Gerald Maas (Alemanha)

Marcus Lenz

banda sonora original
Pedro Renato

Dörte Schneider

Assistant Director
Miguel Sargento

Gerald Maas

Silvério Moniz

Costume Design
Matilde Salema

Art Department (preparation)
Luis Pedro Parada

Make up and Hairstyle Department
Nerea Fernandez
Sónia Lisboa

Direct Sound
Miguel Cunha

Sound Assistant
Michelle Chan

post-production sound
António Ferreira

Audio Mix
Haymo Kutschbach

Assistant Production
Paulo Coelho

production consulting
Gerardo Fernandes

production partners
Holger Lochau (HFF)
Luis Avelar (RTP)
Zabrrea Köstermann (dffb)

Assistant Image
Patrick Waldmann

Chief Lighting Technician
Ki Bun Wedemann

Lighting Technician
Tiago Costa
Claúdio Santos

second unit
João Ponces de Carvalho (camera)
Manuel Costa (ass. imagem)

scene photo
Claúdio Santos
Dörte Schneider

Rui Faria (Cagão)
Berta Costa

Gilberto Mendes

Daniel Höpfner

António Ferreira
Dörte Schneider

special figuration
Motorista – Manuel Ramalho
Rapaz na Rua – Jorge Simões
Rapaz na Sala – Hugo Tavares
Professora (Lusiadas) – Glória Ferreira

Carina Lopes, Claúdia Marques, Ana Marques, Irina Neves, Rui Gonçalves, Nelson Graça, Hugo Tavares, Ana Braga, Ana Santos, Gonçalo Santos, João Silva, Ruben Costa, António Bicho, João Martins, Sílvia Silva, Jorge Lucas, Rita Saraiva, Daniel Horta, Carla Vicente, Lécia Vicente, Ilda Bizarro, Cândido Jacob, Carina Morais, Jorge Simões, Hugo Marques, João Santos, António Pedro Batarda, Maria Velez, Liliana Pratas, Jorge Simões, Luís Miguel Pancas, Joana Pancas, Ana Rita Oliveira, Carina Morais, Rossana Dinis, Lécia Vicente.

banda sonora original
Interpreted by
Azembla’s Quartet
Pedro Renato – Teclados e Guitarras
Luis Pedro Madeira – Baixo e Acordeão
Antoine Pimentel – Bateria
Raquel Ralha – Voz e letra

Pedro Renato e J.P. Simões
Interpreted by Belle Chase Hotel
Cedido gentilmente pela Nortesul
© 1998 Nortesul

“Oub’ lá”
Adolfo Luxúria Canibal e Miguel Pedro
Interpreted by Mão Morta
Cedido gentilmente pelos Mão Morta
P.1988 Mão Morta – C.1998 Nortesul

“Sue´s Side Story”
Paulo Jacob
Interpreted by Bohdi
Cedido gentilmente pela Lux Record
© 1998 Lux Records

“Under Water Theme”
Pedro Renato
Interpreted by Belle Chase Hotel
Cedido gentilmente pela Nortesul
© 2000 Nortesul

“Jungle Rock”
Tédio Boys
Cedido gentilmente pela Lux Records
© 1999 Lux Records


Equipment Video and light
Cineservice Berlin

Equipment Audio


laboratory image
TOBIS Portuguesa

laboratory sound
Studio Babelsberg GmbH

estúdios de mistura sonora
HFF – Babelsberg

Production Support:
ICAM – Instituto do Cinema, Audiovisual e Multimédia
Delegação Regional da Cultura do Centro
Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (ESTC)
Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb)
HFF – Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen “Konrad Wolf”
IPJ Coimbra

Special Thanks, orded alphabeticaly
Bombeiros Sapadores de Coimbra
Câmara Municipal de Coimbra
Câmara Municipal de Condeixa
Junta de Freguesia de Alcabideque
Oficina Manuel Marques Mota
Escola Secundária Dom Duarte
Serviços Sociais da Universidade de Coimbra
Teatro Académico Gil Vicente
Centro de Estudos Cinematográficos da U.C.
Direcção Regional de Ambiente do Centro
Delegação Regional de Educação do Centro
Piscinas Municipais de Coimbra

Production would like to thank to
A. Cunha Ferreira, António Hipólito, Zé Cenisga, Sr. Cardoso (Piscinas), Patreca, Cristina Vieira (IPJ), Fátima Rebelo (IPJ), Peter (Cineservice), Fred Maas, Pi, Minda, Sr. Medina (SMTUC)

Filmado integralmente em Coimbra-Portugal em Agosto de 1999
As personagens deste filme são imaginárias e qualquer semelhança com a realidade é pura ficção.

© ZED FILMS – RTP 2000

© Persona Non Grata Pictures

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