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A Persona Non Grata Broadcast produziu o institucional da unidade de produção em Portugal SOFI, para o grupo internacional SOBINCO.

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In 2009, PERSONA NON GRATA PICTURES produced 11 music videos for top portuguese artists.

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Zed Filmes - Curtas e Longas has changed its name to Persona Non Grata Pictures - PNG Pictures.
The alteration of the name went along with the facilities changeover that is now at Casconha, Cernache.

Internationalization it is the main goal of Persona Non Grata.


In 2009, PERSONA NON GRATA PICTURES produced 9 music videos for top portuguese artists.

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PERSONA NON GRATA PICTURES produced the tv ad for the European Athletics Championship in collaboration with the agency BLEND. Starring in this spot are the olimpic athlets Nélson Évora, Naide Gomes and Rui Silva. All the special fx were produced by PNG studio.

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These are the first images of LUÍS MANUEL ALMEIDA last movie - "INTERLUDE", at the new music video of MC RUZE, with MABRO.

The namesake theme song was composed specially for this short film and the music video was directed by NUNO PORTUGAL.




There is already on the Web the lastest video of João Portugal - "Foste Tu". This video presents the fourth album of originals songs of João Portugal solo and it was recorded at Pestana Palace in Lisbon.

The video was directed by TONI FERRINO and produced by PERSONA NON GRATA PICTURES.



PNG PICTURES produced a new music video of Expensive Soul + Bianca - "I don't dance".
It is a production for Disney Iberia that will be a promotional mainstay to Disney's "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2" movie, coming soon to Portugal.

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There is already availiable on Web the debut music video of A JIGSAW. LION'S EYES LOUDER is the introduction single of the debut album of the band, edited by Rewind Music.




PNG PICTURES was responsible for the official coverage of the biggest portuguese hip-hop festival - FLOWFEST 2007. The video is already online and into it you can find interviews with the artists (Sam the Kid, Sir Scratch, SP & Wilson, Royalistick, Formula Armada, NAD, Tamin, and others), part of the concerts and so much more.



EZSPECIAL - Acústico ao Vivo

PNG PICTURES produced the new EZSPECIAL's DVD, live recorded on POP disco, at Oporto. This DVD will be included at the new band's originals album.




PNG PICTURES produced the new BLIND ZERO music video based on the flash digression of their 13 years carrer celebration. For this digression Blind Zero performed at Oporto, Coimbra and Lisbon on the same day. TONI FERRINO was the director.



BUNNYRANCH . "In The Land Of The Poor". These are the Bunnyranch at their best performance, explosive as themselves, on the new music video produced by PNG PICTURES and directed by João Paiva.



It will on 4th December the release of the expected HUMANO's DVD, recorded on live on the Coliseu dos Recreio in Lisbon. Entirely produced bey PERSONA NON GRATA PICTURES, this deluxe edition includes, besides the spectacle on Coliseu, the music videos of the band and a documentary directed by António Ferreira - "HUMANOS - A VIDA EM VARIAÇÕES", which takes us on a ride to the backstage of the band who reach an uncommon success with the António Variações' unpublished songs. Soon will be released a special edition that will include 3, a CD with the sound of the concert, a DVD of the spectacle on Coliseu and a bonus DVD with the concert on the music festival "Sudoeste".



The lastest 3 videos produced by PNG PICTURES are already online

These are the new videos of Mundo Secreto, Bunnyranch and Expensive Soul. HERE!



There is already availiable on Web the new music video of BLIND ZERO - an acoustic version of the known theme of CARS - "DRIVE".

Also nearly finished, there are the HUMANOS' and the EZSPECIAL's DVDs, live on Oporto and Lisbon Coliseus, that will be edited in 2006. 



The last HUMANOS' music video was produced by PERSONA NON GRATA PICTURES and was directed by ANTÓNIO FERREIRA. The debut disc of this band, with the voices of Camané, Manuela Azevedo (Clã) and David Fonseca (Silence 4), was been on the portuguese TOP from several weeks and it is already double platinum. This is the second single took of the album.





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