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The Portuguese dictatorship regime went through a significant part of the 20th century. As a nationwide university city, Coimbra lived times of great tension and non-conformism that sprung in an academic movement against the established order that hit so high proportions that spread to the people reflecting they’re state of mind. This triggered a common social feeling with the purpose to collapse the regime. Since public concentrations, demonstrations and propaganda were forbidden, the main way which the students could spread their message and position was through the Associação Académica de Coimbra football players. The team was the voice of revolution about to explode. Its style and attitude spread the motto throughout the country and enlarge the number of people sympathetic with the cause and to put away the people’s fear to act and fight for its beliefs. Academica became a fight flag against the regime and the greatest weapon the students possess against the regime. By 1969, the ‘Academic crisis’ ignite the tension between government and the students. The students defy the government by supporting Academica in the stadiums, showing words of protest that went on as a wakeup call and the final call to arms. The highest moment of the 69 crisis was when Academica played against Benfica in the Portugal’s Cup Final. That moment went on in history as the greatest demonstration ever, against the regime. The documentary intends to show the academic movement and its several crisis by the players perspective and the way they contributed and involved themselves in the movement as students and Men. The main focus will be on the players and the academic leaders in this process during the 60’s.

Documentary - 70 min - 2009

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Written and Directed by Ricardo Antunes Martins
Produced by António Ferreira e Tathiani Sacilotto
Photography Lee Fuzeta
Original Music Luís Pedro Madeira
Executive Producer António Ferreira
Production Manager Inês Prazeres
Editing Lee Fuzeta
Post-Production Supervisor Rodrigo Lacerda
Sound Simão Lopes
Sound Mix Toni Lourenço / Gil Figueiredo
Audio Post-Production LoudStudio
Video Post-Production Sofa Filmes
In co-production with RTP – Rádio e Televisão Portuguesa
With the financial support from FICA – Fundo de Investimento para o Cinema e Audiovisual
a production by PERSONA NON GRATA PICTURES- Portugal 2009



Ricardo Antunes Martins was born in Coimbra, Portugal, in April 4th 1982, city where he still lives. In his University journey, after four years in Law School, he is now in his senior year of the Degree in Journalism Studies. Futebol de Causas (Football Causes) is his debut film/documentary.


70 min, HD, Portugal 2009



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