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EL SON DE ELIÉCER [The lonely life of Eliecer]



After the death of his father, Eliecer, a veteran lonely piper man that lives in a coastal town, has to take care of his little stepsister.

The lonely life of Eliecer, a veteran gaita flute player from a coastal town, is suddenly interrupted by an old acquaintance that leaves two surprises against his will on the doorstep of his ranch house; the first surprise is in the death of his father; the second surprise is Esperanza, an eight-year-old girl, who turns out to be his step-sister. His misión: is not only painful but also mystifying, he must return the gril to her mother, a woman who abandoned her when she was just a newborn to begin a new life in Bogota. The journey without Money is though, and whilst traveling through a conutry constantly hit hard by an invisible, and latent war, the girl finds in Eliecer the paternal love she lacked after her father´s death. In Bogota the duo find her mother, unable to take in her daughter. Eliecer´s decisión leads him to face the possibility of rediscovering the home and family the have both lost.

Directed by:
Joan Gomez E.
Produced by:
Ivan Sierra S.
Tathiani Sacilotto, Boris Villalaz
Big-sur Peliculas (Colombia), Persona Non Grata Pictures, Mass Media Communications (Panama)

Fiction, Feature
Colombia, Brazil, Panama

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