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THE BRAID(working title)







This is the story of Pedro, a man admitted to a psychiatric hospital by traveling by car with the corpse of his beloved, who simultaneously recalls three different lives: the ones of Pedro de Portugal, Pedro Santa Clara and Pedro Rey.

“This chaos in my head and that often makes me confuse time with time with time. I travel between to be and not to be, between being and not being, and this, makes me tired, confused, uncertain. I have no past and no future, just the present and I think that's my disease.” in the novel Inês’s Braid by Rosa Lobato de Faria.

Written and Directed by: António Ferreira
Producer: Tathiani Sacilotto
Co-Producers: Carolina Dias, Marie-Pierre Macia, Claire Gadéa
Production: Persona Non Grata Pictures, Diálogos Atómicos (pt), MPM Film (fr), Refinaria Filmes (br)
Financing: ICA - Instituto de Cinema e Audiovisual (Portugal), Ibermedia (development), MEDIA Programme (development), CNC - Centre National du Cinéma (França)

Portugal, Brazil, France 2017
(in pre-production)

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